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Inquire About Wash, Dry, Fold
Inquire About Wash, Dry, Fold
8044 East Market Street Warren, Ohio 44484
We are OPEN 24/7 - 7-Days a Week
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Wash, Dry, Fold Service

Wash, Dry & Fold Service

Mayfair Laundromat offers a top-notch wash, dry, fold service designed to make laundry chores hassle-free and convenient for their customers. With their dedicated team and modern facilities, Mayfair Laundromat ensures that every garment receives professional care and attention. Wash, Dry & Fold is available at our Howland and Cortland locations.

"I travel for work and it is so nice to have this service available near my house. It is just one more think I can check off my list knowing it will get done without me."
Rachel Jeffson
  1. Easy Drop-off: Customers can visit Mayfair Laundromat during business hours and drop off their laundry. The friendly staff welcomes them and guides them through the process. Alternatively, customers can also schedule a pickup service where Mayfair Laundromat collects the laundry from their specified location.

  2. Thorough Sorting: The experienced staff at Mayfair Laundromat carefully sorts the laundry based on color, fabric type, and any specific instructions provided by the customer. This sorting process ensures that each item is treated appropriately during the washing and drying stages.

  3. Premium Washing: Mayfair Laundromat uses high-quality commercial-grade washing machines and premium detergents to clean the laundry effectively. They follow best practices and take into account any special requirements, such as delicate fabrics or specific stain treatments. The goal is to ensure that each garment is thoroughly cleaned while maintaining its quality.

  4. Expert Drying: After the washing cycle, the laundry is transferred to commercial-grade dryers. The staff at Mayfair Laundromat selects the appropriate drying temperature and settings to prevent shrinking, over-drying, or damaging the garments. This meticulous attention to detail helps preserve the integrity of the clothes.

  5. Neat Folding: Once the laundry is dry, the skilled team at Mayfair Laundromat meticulously folds each item with precision. They employ folding techniques that minimize wrinkles and ensure a tidy presentation. This level of care ensures that customers receive their laundry in a professionally folded and organized manner.

  6. Packaging and Optional Services: Mayfair Laundromat packages the clean, folded laundry in clean and secure packaging, such as bags or baskets. The packaging is labeled with the customer’s name or any other identification to ensure easy identification upon pickup or delivery.
  7. Convenient Pickup or Delivery: Once the laundry is ready, customers can conveniently pick it up at Mayfair Laundromat at their preferred time. Alternatively, customers can arrange for delivery services, where Mayfair Laundromat ensures prompt and reliable delivery of the clean laundry to their specified location, saving customers time and effort.

**Laundry must be dropped off in a disposable bag such as a large garbage bag with a tie. 

Completed orders will be on hangers or folded as requested. 



Items that require special handling such as silk, down filled items and linen have an additional fee. 

Comforters, rugs, coats and large items are priced individually – please contact us for a quote. 

Ironing is priced per piece. 

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